Terms Condition

Swagatam India Tours is established opened by Mr. Chandan and is rated as one of the most trusted tour operator companies in Jaipur (Pink City). Below we’ve written terms and conditions which one needs to accept before using our services.

Swagatam India Tours is only responsible for interstate( Rajasthan) transportation in marketable taxicabs only.
Swagatam India Tours will only visit sightseer destinations which have been mentioned in their website swagatamindiatours.com.
Swagatam India Tours won’t pay for the entrance figure of sightseer lodestones , parking charges and risk charges. All these will be paid by the guest.
Swagatam India Tours agree that all their vehicles are from the state of Rajasthan with correct insurance papers, commercial license and all wheelmen are from the state and carry corporate license delivered by the state of Rajasthan.
Swagatam India Tours don’t suggest any hotel( accommodation place), shopping showrooms or food joints to any guests. All these are upto the guest to choose and Swagatam India Tours will just drop them on these destinations. Hence any miss- communication, fraud done by these 2nd party establishments is between them and the guest. We( Swagatam India Tours) aren’t responsible for this.
Swagatam India Tours have mentioned the prices of their services on their website and for abatements we encourage guest to call us. Any 2nd party price won’t be respectable by Swagatam India Tours.
Swagatam India Tours confirms that any communication details of the guests like phone no, dispatch, id evidence won’t be participated with any private enterprise. It can only be given to government if they’re asked on the reason of public safety only.
A communication from Swagatam India Tours to all – Jaipur is notorious for its shopping spots and has numerous shopping showrooms too. But in the recent times, numerous sightseer have been cheated by stint companion, shopkeepers & indeed hack motorists. therefore it’s our responsibility to tell you to not believe in any person in Jaipur that he or she can offer great vestiges at lower price, not indeed our motorists.