Privacy Policy

Swagatam India Tours is committed to guarding your personal Information. This Privacy Policy applies to those who visit the Websites Swagatam India Tours, as well as clients of our Services. This Privacy Policy describes how collects, uses, shares, and secures the particular information you give. It also describes your choices regarding the use, access, and correction of your particular information. The use of information collected through our Services shall be limited to the purpose of giving the service for which the client has engaged Swagatam India Tours. The capitalized terms used in this Policy but not defined here in shall have the same meaning as defined in our Terms of Service.

still, please communicate us, If you have questions or complaints regarding our sequestration policy

1. Retention of Personal Information
We retain Personal Data we process for as long as an Account is active or as demanded to give the Service( s). still, please communicate us, If you wish to terminate your Account or request that we no longer use your data. We’ll retain Your Data as necessary to misbehave with our legal scores, maintain accurate fiscal, and other records, resolve controversies, and apply our agreements. We cancel all Your Data on the expiry of 14 days after the termination of your Account, except as else banned by applicable law.
2. Dispatches from the Websites
We may use your dispatch address to shoot our newsletters and/ or marketing communications. However, you can conclude- out by following the instructions contained in the emails you admit or by reaching us, If you no longer wish to admit these communications. We’ll shoot you adverts
related to the Services on occasions when it’s necessary to do so. For case, if our Services is temporarily suspended for conservation, we might shoot you an dispatch. Generally, you may not conclude out of dispatches that aren’t promotional in nature. However, you may terminate your Account
If you don’t wish to admit them.
3. Advertising
We mate with third- party advertising networks to either display advertising on our Websites or to manage our advertising on other websites. Our announcement network mate may use eyefuls and Web lights to collect information about your conditioning on our Website and other websites to give you targeted advertising grounded upon your interests( this will only be the case if we’ve your concurrence in certain locales).

4. Protection of Information
The Websites and Services( s) have assiduity-standard security measures in place to cover against the loss, abuse, and revision of the information under our control. When you give us with sensitive information( similar as credit card information or login credentials), we will cipher that information via Secure Socket Layer( SSL).