This five-day festival, which is the biggest in India, honors the victory of good over evil and brightness over darkness.

First day is the Dhanteras day, we know this day to marks the start of Diwali. It’s dedicated to celebrating wealth, people traditionally buy gold, Cloths, new kitchen utensils and moter vehicle also this day people make homes are cleaned.

The second day is known as Choti Diwali (Little Diwali) in north India. On this day people makes the Rangoli (Hindu folk art) in doorways and courtyards of homes also people start bursting crackers.

The third day is the Diwali festival day, this is the man day of Diwali festival. On this day people celebrate the Diwali festival with lots of small clay lamps (called diyas) and candles are lit and placed in houses. Families gather together and perform the Lakshmi Puja, and give each other gifts and sweets. Later people burn the fireworks and enjoying the traditional food with her family.

The fourth day know as Goverdhan pooja day ro Ankuth day, Govardhan Puja is celebrated in north India, to commemorate Lord Krishna’s defeat of Indra, the rain god

The fifth and last day is the brother and sister day, this day known as Bhai Duj, is dedicated to celebrating sisters. Brothers and sisters get together and share food, to honor the bond between them.

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